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Right from the get go, Filemaker’s new personal database product Bento seems to be a big hit. Business Week magazine (and others) have hailed it as a great new product from Apple, even though properly it is a product from Filemaker and they own the Intent-to-use trademark application. Of course, Filemaker is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, so this is just the critic being picky (chop sticky?). And yes you can buy it from Apple or Filemaker’s website.We love this idea of using a fairly well known (at least in international and cultured circles) common name of an organizer for Japanese food as a clean simple and unique way to describe and name a personal database. If you don’t know what a bento box is, visit a local Japanese restaurant and order the Bento Box dinner. You will seldom be disappointed. Like many a good Japanese meal, part of the enjoyment is in the presentation and organization

Notice how Filemaker managed to get a subtle Japanese connotation into the name without making it too obvious. Now we also know to pronounce the o as a long o! Very cool. See for complete product details.

PS The real irony of this name is the fact that up the peninsula from Apple and Filemaker is the very big database company Oracle headed by Larry Ellison. And Larry is well-know for his love of art, architecture and other Japanese culture. He has even built his megamansion in the hills around a complete Japanese theme. This will probably put him off eating out of bento boxes for a while though.

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