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Big Bertha
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We probably should have reviewed this name long ago. Its time and place have almost been and gone – at least as a big golf driver. As a gun, which we belatedly remember as the source of the name, it will probably be timeless.But in an equipment world with as many short part number like acronyms for names, Callaway’s Big Bertha driver really cut through the noise. It barely needed any more marketing positioning. One of the few names that could completely capture the essence of the product right in the name. Recently Taylormade has introduced the Burner in this arena too. You can’t blame them for trying to capture some of the same magic.

Nowadays the brand is being extended to include golf balls and clothing and other stuff. Not because they also are all big and strong, but because we, the buying public, want to wrap ourselves in the Big Bertha aura.

For this name, the whole presentation value is in the product itself. What could be better?


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