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50 Cabins
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When you visit the mountains around the country, and start to dream of owning a small cabin, lodge or mountain house, you might start to notice the name of the local realty firms. Names like Vista Realty and Mountain High Realty, and Mountain Magic, and Mountain Vista, and Mountail Lake, etc. etc. After a while they all blur together.But what if you were zooming down the highway on your way home and every so often you saw some simple signs that send only 50 Cabins. Even at 80mph you can remember that name. And you can smile and say I don’t need 50 cabins, I only need one. Perhaps I will call them when I get home. I will tell them I saw their name weaving down the mountainside on highway 50. Then you feel a little sheepish. Maybe they meant Highway 50 cabins, not 50 different cabins for sale.Not to worry. They have your attention. A simple, great name that cuts through the noise of all the other sound-alike agencies.

So you look them up on the internet. Of course, they are at Then they grab your heart too. Instead of a logo of 50 separate cabins, they provide a warm inviting glimpse through a cabin window.

Great name. Great marketing. No further analysis needed. No right brain kicking in and saying but they sell houses too.. and work off different highways. Kill the logic. Go with the heart for powerful branding.

Now if only they registered the trademark it would be a perfect 10 all around.


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