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There were many a public critic when the airlines first announced this new service and site. Jokes even ran the gamut from “is it chewing gum” to “they launch you into orbit and you are on your own”. But now this name has stood the test of time, and become quick shorthand for finding a good travel deal.

Once again, a good strong name gains its strength from proper usage and awareness and execution on the brand promise. Like many other names, Orbitz (as a name only) was not very strong – but it had potential – and that has now been realized.

It is still not as descriptive as Travelocity, but it is a little classier.

Now if their logo was only a little friendlier, or smarter or more colorful, all would be perfect.

But they do earn extra kudus for also sewing up the domain (and others)… something that happens a lot to fast and careless typists.

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