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Background:What companies wouldn’t do for a name like this today! But did you know it is an acronym? In part of their early days, Sprint was owned by Southern Pacific Railroad, and many believe that is the origin of the SP part of the name. But now we have it on good authority that the real source of the name is Secure Private Integrated Network. When they started, there was no internet and private companies could not compete with the long distance quasi-government phone monopoly of AT&T. So they targeted private networks until MCI got the rules changed in Washington and Sprint could then move into general long distance services. Regardless. A great name. A plain logo.

But why, you might ask, only a 7 rating for such a great name? Because of the follow-on descriptive name of PCS. What is a PCS, what does it stand for, what does it mean? Sure, their big bucks spending has made it a national brand of quality services, but they have to work so hard at it. And will have to continually do so. Initials as a name of a brand have been done before…..but only for very old companies with lots of branding dollars. And even then, the public usually knows what the initials stand for if they take a moment to ponder the subject. Well…we are still pondering about PCS…….and surmising that marketing let the technocrats describe some Pretty Cool Service so they called it PCS!

OK, we know it doesn’t stand for Pretty Cool Service. Do you know what it stands for? If you can, then quickly describe their logo and color.

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