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Background:DaSani – Duh, Disaster. ……..a water……..not an Italian fashion line. Sorry we just have to speak out as big consumers of bottled water.We’ve all heard of the big money and small results achieved from someone trying to brand a generic – Milk. But the real big success stories are in branded water – the coolest drink in town. So popular, in fact, that the big boys like Coca Cola are running out the big guns. And which is one of the few national brands in this space – DaSani from Coca Cola. Or perhaps we should say, “would be brands”. We notice that there are a lot more merchandising and price cut campaigns for DaSani than any other brand.

In fact, as we recently travelled across the US by care in sweltering heat, we saw drivers load up on water everywhere….as the store owners tried to rid themselves of DaSani stock. The local brands seemed to always win, even at an extra 50c a bottle! We doubt it was becuase consumers are smart enough to read the ingredients and notice that DaSani is one of few that adds items to the water. We think it is simply because it simply does not sound (or look) like cool refreshing water.

Linguistically “Da” is a very heavy sound with which to start a name. And dark blue labels that disguise a large percentage of the contents! Wow. What was The Coca Cola company thinking? Yes, they can throw big dollars at the campaign, but meanwhile even expensive Fiji water is getting prime shelf space and devotees. After all it looks so much healthier, cooler and refreshing. It’s not the taste – it’s the name and packaging.

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