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Our first selection that rates a perfect 10. Polo, a magic house brand of Ralph Lauren, embodies the elegance, style and simplicity that he was seeking for in both name and image. Some of the interesting history of this name is that it was purposefully chosen for the image that could be created around it. Ralph was a sportsman himself, but has never played polo. In fact, he is a New York city boy where there is no place to play such sports until you get way out in the suburbs.

Polo is one of the most exclusive sports in the world, though we all know about it. Notice how the product line never plays up the “horsey set” angle! Notice how the logo really does have someone on horseback playing polo – but we all gloss by that today.

Ralph Lauren, the person and the parent brand, is of course a giant in the world of fashion. He changed his name too when he left high school after he quickly realized that Ralph Lifschitz really was not going to give him much positive mileage. You already know where to find them at a local shopping center. See the full range of Polo products at

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