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In recent days I have had cause to use Skype more often than usual as our family tries to connect all around the world during a time of family tragedy. In the middle of all of this, it hit me once again what a great name Skype is. And, if as some say, it really stands for Hype in the Sky, then so be it.And if Sky Broadcasting continue to say the name is confusingly similar to their Sky logo and brand, then they have been listening to far too much of their own hot air. On our list of Top 10 Characteristics of a Good Name this name scores a 9.5  Who knew it would have such legal challenges – and we like it so much – so we gave it a perfect 10 anyway.

It isn’t that the logo comes up short per se that we only rated it a 9. In fact, we think they have done a great job while working with such abstract notions as Sky and Phone and Hype. But they have multiple registered trademarks on the name now around the world, and they have never updated the logo to replace the TM with a ®.

If you have been offline sailing around the world or something, see all about Skype at

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