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I just had to rate this name as it is one of the few recent new names in the world where I am kicking myself and saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”   And I mean both the name and the business. Talk about hot… they are mirroring the national heatwave, even though they are based out of cold, foggy (in summertime) San Francisco.Like many other professional namers we have done our share of working with language roots, but usually it is the common tail end of a name. Just like scientists have recently been developing so many ..nomics.. or ..ologies names. But this simple Pinterest play off the front of a word is magic. The company and its fast growing community are already talking about pinspiration.. or pinspire or being pinspired… all because of the simplest little photo sharing app in the world.

If you thought Facebook made it easy to share pictures, wait until you try Pinterest. Plus it is a valid fast feedback research tool for anyone in the consumer design space. Right now, all free too. That means they have good capital funding.. and don’t have to worry about making money! What a joy… I hope they don’t suddenly clamp down and try to charge everyone.

More likely they are going the YouTube route.  Grow it big and sell out and let someone else figure out how to monetize all this frenzied electronic clipboarding.   Even their list of the first few hundred employees are posted simply as pictures on their About button.

As for their logo. Not bad. But didn’t it used to be more obvious that there was a pin in the graphics? Did it get lost.. or just disappear when they shrunk the logo to a manageable size? And as for a why a classical old look and style font?  I don’t know either.. but their retro look does not even seem to be noticed as everyone is so busy getting drunk on the rest of the eye candy.


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