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Three years ago when Etsy was a much younger site, I first blogged about it on the NameAwards site. Indeed we bestowed on it a very positive award rating, even though it was fairly unknown at the time. However, it was written up and I said “the Founder of explains how he actually wanted a nonsense word since he planned on creating the brand from scratch. Even so, it is not all of us who watch Italian operas and listen for common phrases. Apparently in Italian etsi means Oh, yes. In Latin, it means although, even if (the article says and if).”By changing the last letter i to y, an English looking construct was made and they had their name.

How I forgot to point out its closeness to “itsy” I will never know. But the world has learned that if you want itsy bitsy hand made crafts, the first starting point on the web for unique goods is now  Congratulations – you deserve a perfect 10 on pure naming merit, even though I don’t see the registered trademark symbol anywhere, even though you qualify 3 times over.


As for their logo, what a disappointment. Is this really the company leading the way in artsy craftsy, so much so that they let their employees decorate their Brooklyn office with goods from the site? How plain can it be? Yes their designer might subscribe to the school of red dot branding – but what a waste.

More than that, wait till you open up your listing on Etsy. They encourage you to use big colorful banners and great photos with lots of light.  How come they don’t read their own exhortations. Very disappointing. We may even have over scored it with a five.


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