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Background:More press called us about this name than any others. Why? Was the name so ingrained in everyone’s mind that they couldn’t handle a change? Or was it because we finally had a major accounting firm component that wasn’t named after the founders?The actual reason for this name change was that it was required as part of the “divorce” settlement with Arthur Andersen, though we suspect it was one of the least controversial parts of the settlement. Of course they would want a new name and new image as a new stand alone company. How fortuitous too, given Andersen’s involvement in the Enron debacle, and subsequent fight for survival.After using a branding agency to help with the process, the final name is credited to an employee in Scandinavia. While others have denigrated this name, we think it is good and will stand the test of time. We also think it is amusing that it starts with ACC, abbreviations used before in the old Andersen Consulting Company… there is still a tie to the past.

But the logo has a couple of problems. The first we call the “too much money” syndrome. When you see the logo in burnished steel or silver, it looks very elegant, slick and classy. But in black and white and normal everyday usage it looks bland and unfinished. And it is not helped by the second problem, which is the lowercase spelling throughout. This is a particular design style that has been propagated by a number of large companies all getting makeovers at the same branding agency. Apart from the fact that a name is a proper noun, we feel a lowercase first letter, especially when it is not in a larger font size, seriously diminishes the pride and confidence that should be in the company’s image.

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