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Probably our first selection that rates a perfect 10 that is from Silicon Valley. Luckily TiVo figured out early on that they were a consumer products company, and not a technology story. Even though they use very fancy technology. Not only have they run with a great name from the outset, and figured out how to spell it with a big V so others could too, but they have also figured out (after some early miscues) the right name for the product category they dominate. So today, these devices are called DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders), and not PVR’s (Personal Video Recorders).

Furthermore, TiVo figured out their brand values and have nailed them firmly down. Despite their early problems on installation and support, their logo personifies where they want to be: Friendly and fun. This is not an easy attitude to assume for high tech developers in Silicon Valley, but they are working on it. Their loyal customer base is starting to sing “I love my TiVo”, as well as all the celebrity endorsements they have so cleverly obtained in place of on-going advertising dollars.

You already know where to find them at a local shopping center for Xmas, or see them online at

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