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Background:Yes. there really is a Craig. And yes, he really did start this overwhelmingly great service on his own dime, and not to make money either. But he is no longer the President, since “I was a rotten CEO” to quote Craig himself.

He even thought it should have a more traditional name like! But wiser heads prevailed and convinced him that if you are already known as a village leader in the marketplace, you may as well run with it. Just as well, as Craigslist is now a worldwide phenomenon, even though there are less than 20 employees in the company. And their sole income is from charging for job listings in San Francisco, LA and New York, plus property brokers in NYC.

Names need to embrace the personality of the company and its executives, and sometimes that is as simple as naming the business after yourself. Of course, that assumes you have a usable name (legally, phonetically, marketing wise) and are comfortable putting it on the marquee header. No where else is our mantra of naming the business, not describing it, more evident than in the numerous businesses named after their founder(s).

The simplicity of the virtual village marketplace is evident throughout Craigslist, to the point that they have no graphics to speak of at all. Not even a logo! But shop and sell online with the rest of us since Craig wanted to give every little guy a break. And he does so with such success at each and every day.


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