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Wow. What a powerful product win. A very cool, hot product, gets a great name after the fact. The only other electronic gizmo this hot is the iPod, and it had a name from the beginning. Yes, believe it or not, the MotoRazr™, aka as the Motorola RAZR or simply the RAZR is nothing more than the Motorola V3 phone. We have at least three around here. So we have the owner’s guide (that never mentions the word RAZR), the PC interface kit (which you can’t use unless you know the phone is actually the V3), and of course, access to the web and chat forums online.

Did people simply nickname it the Razor first, and did this then morph into RAZR? Please let us know. Because our usually reliable reference of full and last repute (the US Trademark Office), shows no claims on the name RAZR by Motorola. Only on the name MotoRazr. Or Moto by itself. Similarly, all of Motorola’s own marketing materials on the web never claim trademark rights in the name RAZR.

On the other hand, guess who has filed for RAZR as a trademark for cell phones? Yes, Razor USA, LLC, the popular fold-up scooter with the little wheels company! It even looks like they copied the text off Motorola’s MotoRazr trademark application to describe their foray into cell phones and related accessories. Very confusing. Is there any cross-licensing going on perhaps? Please drop us an email if you can clarify this situation.

Meantime, we still love the name RAZR. Samsung also has a similar phone. Some would even argue it is even slicker. But with a name like SGH-x286 how un-cool is that? A part number darn it…not a name! Complicated too. Shame. There is no emotional brand connection like there is with the Motorola phones.

Is this RAZR leading a new name style? Why not? After all, many of us (especially younger set), live in a fast-type, short-spelling, text-messaging world. We think Motorola is onto something big here as they have already started shipping the SLVR as well as the PEBL. And this time they even applied for the trademarks!

As for the RAZR logo, it probably doesn’t quite rate an 8 by itself, in part because it is not even on the RAZR phone at all. But the whole packaging is so cool, only picky people like the name critic would even notice that.

For more information on the RAZR please see Motorola or any of the major cell phone providers around the world.

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