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and now down the street Verigy!

Not to mention Verizon everywhere.

Agilent Technologies is spinning off its semiconductor test systems subsidiary as a new business, via an IPO, with the name Verigy Pte. Ltd., according to a recent press release. They are headquartered right in the heart of Silicon Valley where there are so many other Veri names within 10 minutes drive. What is going on?

Can’t Agilent afford a professional naming agency? There are many that are more economical than the one that came up with Agilent, without resorting to a simple domain broker. Do we really have to fight so hard over one English root? And even if we do, some proper linguists could surely have made something that is not so awkward.

We know some lawyers who have already advised clients to stay away from these kind of Veri names. Of course, they were not representing customers who were big and rich. Why Agilent (or Verigy) have not even filed for a trademark on this name is also puzzling.

See Press Release here. There is no live website that they are promoting yet, so we cannot really rate the logo and identity at this time… so 2 is just a temporary score…that we hope improves.

Update: Logo is great. Score changed to reflect this. 

Update 2: Now part of Advantest. Here is logo with both names, though Verigy to be retired.

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