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Background:We can’t help but cynically ask whether Fusion is really a stand alone word, or just an abbreviation for confusion? There are 248 entries in the US Federal Trademark register for the name Fusion, apart from all the unregistered common law usages. Furthermore, in the restaurant industry, as well as others, fusion is one of the hottest trends going.

Sure it is a great word, but do you really want to be marketing your new car or shaver on the Super Bowl (at millions of dollars a minute) when both are called Fusion? There are no trademark legal issues since no one can confuse a shaver with a car. But how unique is your product and message when it is a common word that someone else is simultaneously spending millions to brand?

At least for Ford we recognize the continuation of the new name trend for vehicles starting with F’s – succeeding their earlier E trend. Also, insiders will know their Fusion car is a fusion of Ford and Mazda technology. But as for Gillette we are confused. From a great name like Mach 3 what is the follow-on connection to Fusion? This is a very disappointing change of direction. Makes us wonder if those NY City namers been eating too much fusion cuisine lately – maybe that is why they are creating all this confusion.

Meanwhile, is owned by Fusion Marketing out of the U.K.

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