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Background:The official story on their website says that this name is from the word Verity and Horizon (and not horizontal). A very good and appropriate name for a wireless service, that needed a unique and catchy name from the get go. And, very importantly of course, a name they could use with a megabucks major launch without someone popping out of the woodwork and saying “but that is confuingly similar to my little wireless or phone company”. And with their marketing power, that the name was not pronounced Very Zon but rather Verai Zon. Also, it had not only a nice sticky consonant in the middle, but it also had the nice sharp V and Z for the graphics designers to work with.

As for the logo, though…..who forgot to keep an eye on the graphics designers? Or had everyone spent so much time with the name that whatever logo was proposed it look like the proper Verai Zon name? Millions of dollars spent in radio and TV ads to get the right prononuciation, since anyone who has not heard it and simply reads the logo might think the name is from Very Horizontal. Big letters in the middle of names are no longer unusual. But to actually split the word in the wrong place! We are disappointed….but then we weren’t big Zorro fans either.

If you use different companies, or different teams within big agencies, let this be a lesson in keeping tight control between them. See


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