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The fact that the name critic has not analyzed this name before is a big mistake, and an error from our transitioning to a whole new site last year. It isn’t often we find 10 out of 10 names, especially when the logo is also 10/10, but this one surely deserves it. Great as it is, unfortunately it is not the type of style and out of the box thinking that most software engineers would come up with.

Before it was called Java, it was originally Oak and then Green. You can tell what the programmers saw outside their office window in Palo Alto, California. Originally designed as a run-anywhere language with a major TV Set Top Box vendor in mind, Java is today one of the most prolific languages in web applications and other commercial installations.

For the full story about Java and its chief author, the eminent scientist James Gosling, please see the Wikipedia article.

Interestingly enough, Java is now open sourced code, but the Java trademark belongs to Oracle Corp following their takeover of Sun Microsystems. See the blog posting on Where are the Trademark Police for how Java name was protected in the early days.

javalogoAnd of course, the logo is brilliant, even if it did start life as a cartoon.


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