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Background:Lovely name and oh so appropriate. Shows what emerges when you do your brand studies right first, and listen to the feedback from your prospective customer base. The only reason we did not score it our first ever perfect 10 is the fact that some people with medical knowledge have said it makes them think of the inhaler “singulair”. But overall, by changing just one letter, they have made a new name that is unique yet carried forward some equity and descriptiveness from Cellular One, the largest of the predecessor companies.

Many people have written about how Nokia grew to be the biggest player in cell phones by being the first to realize they were selling not just phones, but actual fashion and lifestyle accessories. Items that people wanted to buy to match their personalities. Friendly, easy to use accessories. And when you line up all the logos of the various wireless service and equipment providers, no one is more soft and friendly than the little Cingular fellow. A defining character in branding that can be used in so many ways. Our hats off to all involved – especially VSA Partners who created the original brand.

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