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We have tried. We have researched it. We have checked their press releases and website. We have found it is a brand of Fuji film. I even asked my friend Tia.We understand why the Women’s Technology Cluster wants a new name – their direction has moved quite dramatically over the years.

Could this be an abbreviation for something? One of our teammates guessed ASTIA stands for American Sophomore Technology Information Association.

We give up. It doesn’t sound like it was meant to be a cool, abstract sounding name. But why would anyone name a good organization with something that starts with Ass when pronounced in the US?

Please someone out there. Let us know what you think. Better still, what is the real story?


We have given the presentation a name rating of 7 because somewhere in an email we saw a glimpse of the new logo, and it is very good and a great improvement on their old one.

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