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Background:Aye ya yae. What is an Avaya? Why would they pay for sponsorship of billboards around the field of a big consumer event like the World Cup without telling people who they are or what they do? What does the word mean? Pure abstract name – fine (which is why it even got a 5)….but then it needs positioning or a slogan. Else we make our own assumptions. Here are some things it reminds us of: To leave the playa, to get on your way, to flush down the drain, to say goodbye, to disappear. Could this be because “Vaya” is Spanish for “get out”.

What does this word remind you of? Do you have a clue what they do and how it affects you?

As for their logo – a simple clean font…..but watch it in small on the TV or website and it turns into AVAVA. And we still don’t know what it means or stands for. Another guess? Skin Cream because of its nice pastel colors.

Not everyone will take the time to surf over to Avaya just to see who they are.

PS We here this really is a word in the ancient Jain language, meaning to perform – not bad!

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