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 According to their website, “Qlikkit will enable everyone to communicate and collaborate through narration supported by images, animation, and annotation”. Doesn’t narration mean via voice? If I told you to go to on the web, wouldn’t you naturally go to Click It? Or if I spoke really slowly and carefully, to Click Kit?OK, I know those domains are taken, so this is a clever play with letters and if you look at it only in writing – and often enough, you might get it. Wait till they have salesmen on the phone though: “That’s Qlikkit – Q L I K K I T”. How many times a day? How many people will lose a K or insert a C or start with a C?
Notice also that we are not using the name here with a ™ or an ® symbol since they do not do so either. Just as well. There are a number of registered trademarks for the name Clickit and Clickkit already, in very similar (if not overlapping fields). And if one of these trademark holders wants to protect their name, a cease and desist letter could easily be forthcoming. After all, trademarks that are phonetically equivalent, are judged to be identical. So this name scores our lowest possible technical rating.

But we do like the Q in the logo (it looks better, bigger) and the bold lettering to try to make up for all the other problems. Pity people would be expecting a C instead.

Try to not squint at reading the name, but watch their progress yourself at

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