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When you see the brand Novella and the model Synergy, do you think wine or do you think high tech? Especially when you hear the parent brand is EOS! Well they all intersect in beautiful synergy in California. At the same time, their names show the intersection of the new and the old. Novella and Synergy could just as easily be a networking company and a program name. In fact, Novell is a big networking and operating systems company name, and synergy is an over used word in high tech partnership marketing. And doesn’t EOS sound like some new evolutionary operating system?

Yet, as the wine website explains, Novella is classic Italian for a short novel and EOS is the ancient Greek goddess of the dawn. So classic words sound modern, and modern words can be used for classic products like wine. And the trademark registration people are happy because it is very hard to confuse wine with computers or networks. The distinguishing characteristics come in the imagery of course. Now that you look at the label, there is no doubt that it is a winery.

Every week we hear clients say that a name reminds them of a drug name. Well it could be… it is also (or was) a trademark for cigars, retail fashion and skin care products. What we really have discovered, that for some people, all new coined words remind them of a drug name, because almost all drug names are coined words to ensure their absolute uniqueness.

For now, our drug of choice is best served in a wine glass. For more on this great line from the Arciero family who broke with many traditions by not putting their name on all the estate products, please see

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