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I was just thinking of using Survey Monkey for a client project when I remembered I was long overdue on rating the names of these online survey offerings. Survey Monkey is front and center and the first one everyone seems to remember. Then I think awhile about what was the other one with the clever name – until Zoomerang bubbles up.But the advantage of not having rated this before is that we can now look back and see if the name has stood the test of time. Okay, ten years isn’t a long time for many old industries, but it is for high tech online startups. And I am forced to conclude the name has grown steadily and now I hear old conservative market researchers talking about it with fondness.The fact that they have so successfully used the “freemium” business model doesn’t go unnoticed either. Today this is rather common – but it certainly wasn’t back in 2000 or so whenever Survey Monkey started.

Zoomerang is also a great name, though of course it always had to be positioned as to what they really did. Today we don’t need to worry as they are being merged into Survey Monkey.

SurveyMonkeyThe Survey Monkey  logo is almost perfect – a little abstract, cute, descriptive, not too animal like. Maybe it could have been a little more noticeable or friendly, but close to perfect anyway.

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