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First we had Accenture, then we almost had Monday (but IBM gobbled them up instead), and now we have BearingPoint. As the big accounting firms spin off their consulting practices, it gives them a chance (in fact requires them) to rebrand themselves. As top class professional organizations, they also use this opportunity to reevaluate their valuations and positions, and to see how much brand equity they can carry forward.

For those of you who thought all these big consulting firms were the same, we suggest that just reviewing their chosen name styles shows different personalities. In some ways, the parts of the name BearingPoint are conservative and traditional. What makes it unique is the combination and in particular that it is a new style for such groups. If this was just another destination portal or outdoor adventure site on the web, the name would be judged as boring. But this is the former KPMG consulting group with Phil Mickelson as their cap bearer! No more initials. No more ancient founders’ names.

According to their own website, “The name BearingPoint means setting direction to an end point. As a business systems integrator, we help each client align its business and systems to achieve its desired goals.” Excuse our cynicism when we ask if they will be bearing down on your problems or bearing the brunt of the blame when the SEC double checks or bearing their fangs 🙂

If it wasn’t for the fact that this name may wear a bit heavy with age, and misses a touch of that light spark feeling we strive for, we may have rated it a perfect 10.

Now how about their choice of colors? Kudus for not using the traditional red and blue or green or silver. Black and light brown. Great. Classy. Different. Acceptable worldwide. As for the logo wearing Mickelson’s visor, we are not so sure. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

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