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Since there has been some great public discussions and investigations lead by Sage Bloggs, we thought it appropriate to do an analysis of the name itself. After all, none of the hundreds of other names we have critiqued are as old as Triscuit. In fact, their current trademark registration lists 1903 as the first date of usage!

Firstly, the obvious part of the name is the ending from the word biscuit.  And since it is quite well known that biscuit originated from cooked twice, it is easy to assume that somehow triscuit means cooked three times. But any baker will tell you that is highly improbable.

In fact, the “trisc” part is from a much more fun word in this case: electricity. Sage even managed to get some old, old timer at Kraft Foods to finally recall the fact, even though no historic records can be found. Apparently back in early early 1900’s it was one of the first snacks to be baked with electricity.

Naming food products, branding food products, product namingYears ago I actually did some informal surveys of why we all knew and ate Triscuits, even though no one raves about them and it is easy to leave a box on a pantry shelf without it getting raided.

So why has this commercialization of what is surely just Scandinavian flat bread been so popular for so long?Look at the picture on the present boxes for a clue. Yes, it is the perfect bite or half bite sized mini tray for all sorts of snack embellishments. You can eat it, and from it, with one hand while balancing a glass in your other hand – even when smartly dressed at a cocktail party. Unlike other common crackers such as Ritz Crackers or Wheat Thins, it doesn’t disintegrate and fall apart under these conditions.

It is hard to criticize such a plain and cute logo treatment of the name that balances lower case t’s at both beginning and end. Of course, it is the whole packaging here of what else could easily be a very bland photo of flat bread crackers. It has evolved over the years but that healthy country nature feel endures.


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