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Background:Well, what is a Quiznos after all? Just a name, apparently chosen because Q and Z are the least used letters in naming. Fine…..but it would have been nice if they had a made a story up about it. On the other hand, we really don’t blame them as they are steadily making the name synonomous with toasted sandwiches, and are putting most of their branding efforts into toasted subs.Interestingly enough, the name has recently under gone a subtle change. The corporation is still Quizno. Which is why they made Quizno’s sandwiches and why the old registered trademark (among others) is Quizno’s. However, today, while the parent company is still Quizno, the brand name and new trademark is Quiznos. Much cleaner to deal with. More a product name. Now it can be your sandwich and not just Mr Quizno’s.

As we cogitated about this name we were also noticing a big improvement with the change in the name. It no longer ends in the negative No. It is no longer Quiz No – a very difficult english construct to manage. Now it is simply this magical perfect toaster (person or oven) that produces a Quiznos toasted sandwhich.When you have sandwiches and franchises to brand, you have to look at how much the name should be promoted itself, vs the product or other logo. While we only rated the actual word Quiznos a 7 on presentation, we do congratulate the branding agency involved in a better score for an overall good job and subtle clean up of the image.

Please visit Quiznos online if you wish to toast up a storm yourself.

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