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Want to know how your website is performing relative to others on the internet? Want to know the top websites in the world, or by category? Not last year or last week, but yesterday? Then the place to go is Alexa. This is where all the serious advertisers glean their statistics, just like they get their TV scores from the Nielson ratings. And it is not just for the big boys either. We own some websites with an Alexa rating of 14million or so.. which is pretty far down the totem pole of importance.If you didn’t know these details before, what are your chances of remembering this name? Probably very high I would suggest. Even though it is not descriptive and you do not the know the reason for this name or its connections to ratings. So why do so many people shy away from these excellent names when it comes to naming their companies?

The answer is simply they don’t understand branding and then the right brain kicks in and we end up with functional, but boring, names like Quantcast – Alexa’s competitor. It is easy to see which name is more descriptive and techy and scientific.. yet Alexa is a lot bigger and a name that is a lot easier to say and remember… since humans are the target end-users, not computers.

We are not so sure we are as keen on their logo. It sort of looks like an Amazon subsidiary, which we don’t believe they are. It is nice to see how they keep that tagline closely associated though, even if it is misleading. I see them as a web statistics company… Google and Yahoo are the information companies.

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