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Got Water?

For years they have tried to brand milk, but we still all buy generic milk and most of us don’t even know what the label on the carton says. On the other hand, water, which is even more common than milk, stirs our passions and personal emotions. Some even claim they can taste the differences between the different versions.

There are a number of great regional brands in this field, given that most are only selling filtered local water that are the same as the local store brands. And then there are the big boys. Coca Cola with their very awkwardly named DaSani, and Pepsi with the lovely Aquafina name.

Someone once told us that Jiffy Lube was the perfect name. The name told you what you did and how they did it. Similarly with Aquafina. The name tells you what it is (Aqua) and what kind (Fina). A short, coined word from foreign roots… that we all get implicitly without having to think about it. One of the few brands on the market that doesn’t have to have a tagline along the lines of Refreshing Water. And also a unique name that they can brand and own forever, complete with full trademark and domain rights. Fabulous.

And since so many other water brands claim to be from the mountains or mountain fresh springs, or the new dawn of fresh water, guess what extra values Aquafina have sneaked into their logo and visual representation. Fabulous once again…since it is very difficult to make a picture of fine water anyway.

This product line should be a text book lesson for all studying basic branding which is why it rates the best possible name critic scores. For more information on the name and its brand, please visit

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