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From a great big strong Revolution name, to a tiny little Wii name! And yes, we do mean tiny.

Nintendo explains that this name will be properly pronounced in many different languages of the world. True. And all the western world will hear that it sounds just like Wee. As in Wee = Tiny. Or Wee Wee = Pee Pee.

Isn’t a big part of the target market for this product the wee lads and lasses of the world – who are just coming off their toilet jokes phase of life?

And in some countries, especially England and some British colonies, even adults still use the phrase “going for a wee” when they are going to the toilet.

So we are forced to give any company that will allow children of the world an excuse to use a naughty word (and drive their parents nuts), our lowest possible rating.

On top of all that, this is the age of Wi Fi. Even Nintendo is a player. Look at WiFi fast, or type too fast, and you have Wii. So people may make that visual association. We don’t know, but this may be intentional. OK. But WiFi is pronounced Why Fy, not Wee Fee!

This is a great example of naming where international considerations obviously did not play a part. The name, pronunciation and meanings are clearly very different for an Asian audience.

On the other hand, they have done a great job with the flying logo. Maybe this is so the kids can call their parents over and say “Look Mom, I am not using a naughty word.”

For more information on the reasons for the name change, please see


PS. We cannot but wonder if they were inspired (or corrupted) by the new Viiv name from Intel. Even though Intel is telling all the world this name is pronounced Vyve (at least in English-speaking countries).

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