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I am writing this review with a big smile on my face, because I have been thinking how funny it is to write a detailed review and criticism, that takes some real time, when I knew in one instance when I saw the name Teavana what a great name it was.This is both a feel good and feel right name. Anyone who stops to analyze it will then later tell you it is from the root words Tea and Nirvana. But I seldom, if ever, use the word Nirvana in my daily vocabulary. In fact, I may have almost felt some other peaceful root word in the name, along with the Vantage (bit of a stretch) or the  I wanna (slang).Now compare this name with Tejava, a similar product in the same drinks category. Also a great name… for someone who wants an active jolt. But historically we drink tea for relaxation, to calm our nerves, for comfort, and to complete a meal or to share during conversation. So Teavana perhaps is one of the few names that deserve more than a 10/10.


And the perfect name is complimented by a perfect, peaceful, elegant and very clever, stylistic logo.Great new product brand image and logoIs this a lady with a cup of tea in her hands? Or a lady’s face with lips the shape of a cup? Is it a tea cup or a coffee cup? Why are the different? Does this feel like a bit of an abstraction of Oprah Winfrey? Of course it does. Oprah Grand Chai is one of the major flag bearer flavors of this tea family from Starbucks.

Even the color scheme is clever if you start to think about what hot tea looks like, especially if it has a touch of the red Rooibos blend in it. See more at of course.

We couldn’t be more impressed. Something everyone can understand and relate to, unlike the mermaid logo for Starbucks coffee. You really have to be in the know to understand that one. But who cares. We are all now trained. See Green Mermaid -> salivate for good coffee.


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