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Rainbow Nation
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Background:OK, it is not a name – it is a slogan we analyze this time. Not just any old slogan or tagline. But a brilliant one that galvanized a nation and helped the Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela avoid civil war in South Africa. When he was released from prison, many followers, especially members of his former African National Congress wanted to know who was in charge? Which race and which tribe was to lead? Which language would be the dominant one?But after years on the infamous Robben Island, Mr. Mandele now had a different message for all South Africans. “We are one country. One Rainbow Nation” he said. So today there are many official languages in the country, though English dominates for business. And they have a new flag for all to march under at the Olympic games or on the world stage. A colorful flag that is only 10 years old, but represents the hopes and dreams of all races, creeds and colors and all its rich talent of people in this dynamic country at the foot of Africa.

See for more information and more details on how this slogan became a rallying cry for a nation and for a peace. All because of the magic in the right two words – and an elegantly, colorful, simple interpretation thereof! It embodies the old flag, as well as the African National Congress flag when we study it – but we know instead that it was presented to the people as a symbol for all.

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