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Background:The tough look of Dodge trucks has been an enormous automotive success story, and now the car division is carrying that message forward too. And what tougher name could they have selected than Magnum. Way back when they had the Dodge Colt, so the Dodge Magnum is not a new naming style for Dodge. But what a powerful, immediately recognizable name it is.Why does Magnum sound so much stronger than Colt? Because it is the name of a tougher gun? Or because its other meaning is a bigger sounding object? Or both? Yes, a name takes its positioning cues from many different roots and directions, which is why professional naming agencies or experienced namers are so important in the development process.

But what about the trademark issues? Isn’t Magnum a trademark of Smith and Wesson? Yes, it is, but they have never protected it as a superbrand. So there are many other registrations of Magnum as a trademark in many other international class categories. In fact, almost all except automotive it seems. In this regard, it looks like due diligence and luck played some part.

As for the graphics presentation of this name, there really is none, so we are forced to give it a low score. But nothing should be read into this – as often there is no room for car names to have separate graphics or image treatments. All that is reserved for the company brand name, especially with Dodge, where their ram horn symbol is enough toughness by itself. After all, they wouldn’t want to imply they are shooting the ram!

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