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Background:Regular readers of the Name Critic will know that we are not big fans of initials only. But today we eat humble pie and say in this one instance initials never looked so good!Not so much because they are initials, but because it is a great illustration of running for cover behind your old famous brand name. Oh how the power of the promise of a good old brand can withstand major upheaval. The relative simple move of going back to the former name of the company they acquired, tells the worldwide telecommunications industry, as well as all the financial analysts and bankers, in one simple stroke, that much is still well and good in what had become Worldcom.

We still don’t remember what the initials literally stand for. But we don’t care. By now we all know they stand for a major telephone company that broke AT&T’s monopoly and today carries a large portion of the world’s internet traffic. Knowing that it is MCI again allows us to relax and keep on using their good services.

At least they tried to do something imaginative and different with their logo….instead of just making it all lowercase or something. Visit them at

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