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Background:This name had us shaking our head in disbelief ever since we first saw the big logo on the side of their Mountain View headquarters. Because of the name style, we first thought it had to be a drug company, ala Cialis, Novartis, etc. Not only because of the common ending, but also because the drug industry embraces unique and often initially awkward names. Does the name stand for “nuisance oasis” or “new oasis”…. or something else? Is the nu pronounced like the nu in Gnu or the New York version of New that sounds more like Noo?

Bad street slang spellings for company names, especially those backed by major venture funding, really leave us cold because we know they do not travel well. What is wrong with Newasis? The domain is free, the federal trademark is free, the common law marks are clear?

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We have given this name a rating of 7 for presentation because we think the logo is elegantly cute! Once again, proof that classy design can be minimalistic with only minor emphasis points of differentiation, even when working with an awkward name.

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