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Oh what happened here! Did everything get lost in committee? Whose idea was it that the Teds of the world are fun loving people. Sure it is part of the name United. The tail end part. And phonetically it is harsh, with a hard sounding “d” at the end. Rhymes with the word dead. Would it really have hurt any one to call it Tedair? Sure that is an extra symbol, but it runs so much smoother off the tongue, and immediately lets you think airlines. Almost starts to sound warm and cuddly, not as stiff and cold. At least the public would know you are not talking about their old uncle Ted that no one likes.

In addition, aren’t all ships and planes female?

And at least we thought Ted would have a face or image of friendliness we perhaps could relate too. All we can find is official sounding statements buried in the website that Ted really is fun loving. Sounds like their lawyers decreed it. Since the parent United owns the friendly skies, we can’t but help be cynics and wonder if junior was told to go find some less friendly place to play.

Haven’t they seen Alaska Airlines’ Eskimo? So beloved that there was a public outcry when management tried to change him!

Obviously with United’s muscle behind it, they will get some traction, especially if they really do offer some better value service. But they have a long, long way to go until the brand has the warmth to breed a band of loyal family flyers. See for all the boring details. It looks like any other canned major airline site – so much for Ted’s personality being different. You are lucky if you can even figure out their corporate colors and the connection to United when they don’t bother to trumpet the fact.

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