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Background:What an obscure name – that is so well known! Why would anyone name their phone technology company like this? Most assume it must be the Finnish founder’s name – but most would be wrong. Others think it is an abstract name in the sense of Kodak – just a catchy short name that is meaningless. Well the meaning is obscure, even for the Finnish encyclopedia and linguists, but what is not in doubt is that Nokia is a small town in South West Finland. So style-wise, this fits in the geographic place category (see Styles/Trends for more details). From a legal point of view it very clean. Now if only we could associate some image or feelings with the name.Does the Nokia logo immediately come to mind? No, what about its color? No. Hmm. Same for us. Only reason we did not score it lower is that some might argue it did not need treatment – just plain, simple, blue, bold word that would fit on a small phone. Luckily their products are good brand ambassadors instead.

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