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X-Twitter: One of greatest branding errors ever

I remember when the Japanese car company Datsun decided to upset their loyal fans and customers worldwide to change their name to Nissan, simply because of their minor difficulty explaining it always to their 250 or so major board members

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A slogan inspires and focuses the team

As an adjunct to naming, taglines and slogans are an important component for positioning a company or product line. The magic though is they need to be short and sweet and specific. If they are also clever, humorous or have

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A good name generator finally steps up

Many, many years ago I saw how two top naming agencies were doing their work and immediately thought to myself, being an ex-techy, I can do better! I thought it was like the chess problem – with enough time and

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Taking a naming seat in the consumer realm

From high tech to consumer naming many people need help with their naming problems for cool products

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Great Naming/Branding trick for local businesses

Yesterday I learned a great way to help position and brand a small local business. Not often a plumbing company can teach this old namiac such a trick – but look closely at this picture of All Star Plumbing’s old

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Our agency recognition in 2021

We have been recognized by the industry for our naming prowess on three separate occasions in 2021. Firstly, Athol was consulted and quoted in a Crunchbase article on naming trends. Secondly, we were voted on the top branding agencies in

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Why Great Branding Relies on Great Leadership

And How You Can Become That Leader A great brand is more than just a distinguishable design—it’s a strategy that makes your company stand out. Case in point: successful business brands are able to establish their credibility, connect with the

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Why Businesses Need Consultants

Businesses need consultants almost as much as they need employees. Consultants serve an important purpose. They use their skills, knowledge, and experience to provide specialized solutions in a wide variety of areas from human resources to digital marketing. Entrepreneurs typically

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Metaverse is a great move for Zuckerberg

Congratulations are in order for Mr Zuckerberg for having the courage, drive and consistency to stay the course with the big vision of his technology connecting the universe. Meta Platforms Inc. isn’t really the new name for Facebook – after

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The Top 10 Brighter Naming Differences

Top 10 ways we provide a different level of support for any of your naming projects: We are marketeers first and namers second. We have a rich technical, scientific, industrial and financial background. We are very international with team members

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