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In the Spotlight: Zendaya’s Name and Branding Journey

Here at Brighter Naming, we don’t typically dive into the world of celebrity names. But when it comes to someone as uniquely captivating as Zendaya, well, let’s just say we couldn’t resist. Z e n d a y a—say it

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Beyond Words: How Slogans and Taglines Enhance Your Brand’s Messaging.

Have you ever been captivated by a jingle that burrowed into your brain like a catchy ear worm? Or perhaps a single phrase, whispered in a movie trailer, sent shivers down your spine? That, my friends, is the power of

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The Name Game: How Words Can Make or Break Your Product’s Future.

Imagine you’re a contestant on a game show, standing before a dizzying wall of products. The clock ticks. The pressure mounts. You have one shot to grab the winning item. How do you choose? Amidst the flashy packaging and bold

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Beyond Algorithms: Why AI Falls Short in the Naming Game

In a world where our coffee machines talk to us and our refrigerators double as DJs, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) has also tried to sneak its way into the glamorous world of Naming. Moreover, hold on to

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X-Twitter: One of greatest branding errors ever

I remember when the Japanese car company Datsun decided to upset their loyal fans and customers worldwide to change their name to Nissan, simply because of their minor difficulty explaining it always to their 250 or so major board members

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Backwards Branding

Traditionally when big marketing teams get together to create a new brand for a new product, service or company, they start with their positioning, value proposition, target market, draft messaging, etc. Then they start a search for a name that

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A slogan inspires and focuses the team

As an adjunct to naming, taglines and slogans are an important component for positioning a company or product line. The magic though is they need to be short and sweet and specific. If they are also clever, humorous or have

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A good name generator finally steps up

Many, many years ago I saw how two top naming agencies were doing their work and immediately thought to myself, being an ex-techy, I can do better! I thought it was like the chess problem – with enough time and

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Taking a naming seat in the consumer realm

From high tech to consumer naming many people need help with their naming problems for cool products

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Metaverse is a great move for Zuckerberg

Congratulations are in order for Mr Zuckerberg for having the courage, drive and consistency to stay the course with the big vision of his technology connecting the universe. Meta Platforms Inc. isn’t really the new name for Facebook – after

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