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Brand quiz answers

(Disclaimer:  I did rely on search engines and Wikipedia for some of the amusing and interesting background info. As author of the quiz, I knew most of the answers to these questions when I posted them – except Question 1)

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Family brand name quiz – while you eat and drive

While putting together a previous post (“Nomen Est Omen?” Uh, Not Always…) I got to thinking about both family and given names that are now well-known brands. There are enough quirky examples and stories that I thought I’d put together

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Is Trump Pence only worth Tuppence?

Many of my clients might say that from a pure naming point of view, the Trump Pence ticket is better. After all, only two syllables and from two common English words, easy to say and remember. Meanwhile, all my English

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See how pronunciation changes when you spell it Flo Rida.

Since I don’t follow rap music or popular TV music shows, I had never heard about the rap artist named Flo Rida until today. And when I went looking for her picture, first thing I found out was that this

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How Not to Name Your New Consulting Business

A year or two ago the Wall Street Journal wrote a good article on why you do not want to name your consulting business Bob Johnson Inc, even if your name is Bob Johnson. They based a lot of their

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Solyndra name still in the news

Before they got their big government loan, we used to use Solyndra as an example of a small company we helped name, that went on to be big. In fact, we met with the founders before they even had an

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Perfect Names for Sports People

I have previously written how smart a certain young Korean golfer had changed her first name to Birdie. So now everyone on the tour knows Birdie Kim and no one mixes her up with all the other Kims. Plus what

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Personal Branding – Literally nowadays

I have recently been invited to some talks on Personal Branding, a subject that I often enjoy even though I struggle with implementing a lot of the advice I am given. On the other hand, police forces worldwide are very

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The Real Names of Hollywood Stars

Yahoo… acting like a TV media company,  recently pulled out 4 or 5 famous actor names that are not so well known for having changed them. See Michael Yo interviewing people on the street about these names at: And,

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