Personal Branding – Literally nowadays

I have recently been invited to some talks on Personal Branding, a subject that I often enjoy even though I struggle with implementing a lot of the advice I am given.

On the other hand, police forces worldwide are very grateful to all those crooks who go out and get a tattoo (or two). Talk about literally getting a personal brand! Just like the farmer can tell which steer is his by seeing what mark is seared into the flesh, the cops can tell they have the right crook, despite what she says, just by seeing her tattoos. Probably don’t even have to bother with fingerprints in many cases. Like animals in the wild with their unique stripes and spots, humans in the city jungles have invoked their animalistic sides to self decorate and identify.

Surely it is just a matter of time before all of us (or at least all of us who once fell foul of the law – or had a drunken night out) have to list our major tattoos on our passport and driving license. Hopefully we can just use digital pictures so we don’t have to use arcane descriptive terminology to identify someone – like we have to do with visual registered trademarks.

P.S. If tattoos weren’t so revoltingly ugly we could even get the family crest tattooed on our kids so if they get lost we can more readily have help finding them!

P.P.S. On second thoughts, a magic chip under the skin for each kid, like we do with pets nowadays, would work better… it could even broadcast a message with location parameters.  Maybe I will even volunteer for one so I can go through the Fastrak lane at the airport without stopping, just like my car does on the toll gates. Yes.. I know this is controversial… unless you have ever lost a child.

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