See how pronunciation changes when you spell it Flo Rida.

Celebrity and place namingSince I don’t follow rap music or popular TV music shows, I had never heard about the rap artist named Flo Rida until today. And when I went looking for her picture, first thing I found out was that this Flo was a he.

More interestingly, from a phonetics language point of view, how come we all know to pronounce his name Flo, rhyming with flow, yet we would never pronounce the state name Flowrida? Ahhh, the beauty, joy and frustration of the English language. I sure am pleased to not be teaching English as a second language and having to explain when you join these two word roots up the pronunciation changes.

With many naming clients in Florida, I wonder if I will ever be able to pronounce the state name again without pausing to think of Flo and Rida.

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