Oh how we love Lolly Wolly Doodle

Retail clothing naming and brandingYesterday I was thinking we are going through a boring patch of only corny tech new names, and then today I see a company called Lolly Wolly Doodle featured on the cover of Inc. magazine. I love names that make you smile from the get-go, even if it is a bit corny and a maker of kids clothing.
They didn’t land on the cover of such an important entrepreneurial magazine because of their cover though. Rather it is because they are growing so fast and using Facebook as their main distribution channel, something so few other people or companies have been able to achieve. Ironically, despite the tortoise and doodle in their logo and name, they are able to quickly and locally custom make clothing while it is hot, and just as soon drop it if it doesn’t sell or the interest on Facebook drops off.

No long term strategic research and design for these people. Just fast execution with a cute style that especially appeals to southern mothers and daughters, with no problems if you want a custom style or embellishment too. You don’t even pay up front either since they send a Paypal invoice later. (Ed:  I love this Paypal service from personal usage too – nothing else comes close to its conveniency worldwide).

Turns out Lolly Wolly Doodle was a family nickname, based on the Polly Wolly song.  Who cares? It is cute and friendly and very, very memorable. Congratulations on having the gumption to embrace such a great name.
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