The new domains are live. Does anyone care?

Insiders and namiacs (like me) are excited that the new gTLD domain names are finally here and each day more and more go live. For all of those squatters out there sitting on many .com names and dreaming of hitting a lottery-size jackpot, eat your heart out.

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Visit  or and see where you end up. OK, type carefully and don’t put the .com out of habit (or even because it is one key on many smart phone apps).

Other new names coming down the internet pike that should be fun are .CLUB and .LONDON. Now all those sports clubs don’t have to be boring .orgs.  They can leave that to all the other non-profit organizations.

Anywhere on the giant mother continent of Africa you can establish a business or group and use the .AFRICA domain. Or in the UK, you can use .LONDON just to indicate your home city. It will be fun to see how these catch on, and which group (if any) starts to dominate.  For example, with .LONDON will it be the City Folk (as the financial crowd is called there) or the fashion, retail, hospitality, entertainment or music people?

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