Coldwater Creek – R.I.P. but what a great name!

ColdWaterCreekImageThe big consumer news today seems to be all about Coldwater Creek filing for bankruptcy as they plan to wind down all operations. So be it, but why did such a news item from a store chain I have not even frequented in 10 years have to blow up my Facebook account with endless comments from people who are not on my friends list?

Separately, I have visited their original store which was literally across a cold creek in Sandpoint, Idaho. From the outset I gave them kudos for picking such a cool direct name because it has a mystical, magical feel to it, even though a neutral word analysis might have rated it all negative.

As all the comments on Facebook show everyone knew what they stood for, their product line and their brand values and positioning – none of which has to do with cold, water or creeks. Oh how I do love a name that works – from common English words that describe something else. The only problem is that many abbreviated it to CWC (which reminds me of Chuckies Western Cheeseburger).

Well I can’t reward them with a posthumous name award as they aren’t dead yet… but this cold creek will now flow in a different direction and a good name is probably lost forever.

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