NSA is now the National Spy Agency

In the naming business we often have to remind and explain the pitfalls of initials when naming new brands or commercial companies. One of our common lines is to say leave initials to the government agencies – they have the volume and power to make any set of initials work. Plus they have to, as they are so accustomed to giving their departments and groups such long-winded descriptive names.

Groups, organizations and non-profits are often in the same league. Now is AMA the American Medical Association or the American Marketing Association or Alaskan Motocross Association? That is why it is so hard to “own” initials, especially if you have not been around for 30 years and spent millions promoting them.

Naming government servicesAnd people playing games with your initials can also get you into trouble. Thanks to some brave young gentleman blowing the whistle, I will forever more look up the NSA as the National Spy Agency. Already I have to pause and think as to what their real name used to be.


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