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When Good English is Bad English

While recently walking in the ultra ritzy Ocean Ave, Carmel, California  I saw this sign on a gateway. Yes, I always notice strange and interesting names even on a mini vacation day. What I especially like is when they are

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Why is Pluto’s moon named Charon?

While all the world’s scientist are walking around in amazement about the discovery details of the former planet Pluto, I am thinking, “How did Pluto’s moon get the name Charon and what does it mean?” Luckily for me, the whole

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Sony gaming site goes down from lack of a simple renewal

Over at Domain Name Wire Andrew Alleman reports the true facts behind why Sony’s Online Gaming site recently went down for over 48 hours – someone forgot to renew a key domain name registration! This is exactly why I  implore

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NSA is now the National Spy Agency

In the naming business we often have to remind and explain the pitfalls of initials when naming new brands or commercial companies. One of our common lines is to say leave initials to the government agencies – they have the

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Sochi is the name in the news this week

Unless you are living under a bush, the new name you will hear wherever you turn this week is Sochi, home to Russia’s Winter Olympic games. They could have just as easily called it the Krasnaya Polyana games, where all

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Why is the Golden Gate Red? And Other Naming Questions.

It is that time of year to have some fun with naming. While your creative team conscripts are waiting for their probably futile brainstorming session to start, give them these riddles as a warmup exercise: Why is it called the

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Zuzax really is a place in New Mexico on famed Route 66

I recently returned from a road trip to Texas and came back along Hwy 40 that parallels (or actually is) the old famed Route 66 that so many pioneers took to discover the West. Apart from long, boring freeways in

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Regional Naming is Steeped in History and Folklore, but makes no sense.

Apparently there is an old story that Japanese pilots failed their training course in the USA because they couldn’t navigate to New England. They protested that it wasn’t a place and wasn’t on the map! So how come we instinctively

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Freeway Names around San Francisco Bay

Although it is technically still the San Jose Mercury News, this major newspaper prefers to be called simply The Mercury News nowadays, as it really is the only relevant newspaper for all of Silicon Valley. And indeed they should, even

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49ers to wear denim!

Now that it is final that the San Francisco 49ers football team has sold the naming rights to Levi Strauss, I can’t but wonder what else Levi’s will do to get their $10 million a year money’s worth. No, the

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