When Good English is Bad English

Awkward slogans need help from Brighter NamingWhile recently walking in the ultra ritzy Ocean Ave, Carmel, California  I saw this sign on a gateway. Yes, I always notice strange and interesting names even on a mini vacation day. What I especially like is when they are paired with a really nice tagline, slogan, motto or promo sentence.

However, when I stopped to read this one, my first thought was “What a shame. Great story, but didn’t they check the grammar before having it made in bronze?” Then I saw the author’s name and did a double take. Ralph Waldo Emerson is surely better at English than me. So I studied it some more until I realized it really is correct English grammar.  But oh how awkward.


With due respect to the master, wouldn’t this correct English be so much more effective if it was rewritten as

"The ornaments of a house
 are the friends who frequent it."

As for name Liv De Life.  A simple way to add some class to your humble adobe trying to keep up with the rich and famous. Why not?

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