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The Top 10 Brighter Naming Differences

Top 10 ways we provide a different level of support for any of your naming projects: We are marketeers first and namers second. We have a rich technical, scientific, industrial and financial background. We are very international with team members

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When S evolves as an empowered Z – Sandvoort to Zandvoort

Formula One is rife in Europe but Barcelona, Spain has lost its place on the grid to the beach side track in the Netherlands, aka Holland -Zandvoort Circuit. Zandvoort has risen from the dunes as the Dutch eagerly awaits great

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Rules for race horse names are rules for your product names

On the eve of the second leg of the Triple Crown, NBC Sports recently ran a little video explaining the rules associated with naming race horses. Turns out that the American Stud Book, Principal Rules and Procedures actually lays out

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Wyndham is a great resort brand

Recently Davis Love III won the Wyndham Championship Golf Tournament and I couldn’t but help how appropriate a sponsor a resort and hospitality company is for such an event. Especially since they own and manage so many resorts of their

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If it is not a Frisbee® it is a ???

For Father’s Day a few years ago, my college boys took me around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on their favorite Frisbee Golf course. It was a lot cheaper than me taking them on a round of real golf

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GoPro has great name and matching taglines

The founder of GoPro was once quoted in Business Week as knowing he had arrived when a spectator yelled out at him: “GoPro, Be a Hero”. That was after seeing him careening across a bumpy field with his camera strapped to the

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New .club top level domain family starting to make sense

An executive from GoDaddy was recently quoted about how some of the new domain registrars were not doing a good job of promoting and supporting their unique and different top level domain rights. On the whole I agree with him

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Enjoying the new Castrol Edge

I have often told people working for a company, that if they didn’t like the name or logo, there were only 3 choices available to them: Organize a program to evaluate and change it Live up to it Quit Usually

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Sochi is the name in the news this week

Unless you are living under a bush, the new name you will hear wherever you turn this week is Sochi, home to Russia’s Winter Olympic games. They could have just as easily called it the Krasnaya Polyana games, where all

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