Wyndham is a great resort brand

Recently Davis Love III won the Wyndham Championship Golf Tournament and I couldn’t but help how appropriate a sponsor a resort and hospitality company is for such an event. Especially since they own and manage so many resorts of their own, many of which have golf courses. Provides a real tangible tie in, unlike other sponsors of golf tournaments who are simply targeting rich white men.
naming of resorts, travel and hospitality servicesBut where does the name Wyndham come from and what does it mean? Why is it so much nicer spelled Wyndham (with a Y) rather than Windham (with an I)? Is it really a place in England? Well you find it on a map!
Fancy that. A mega consumer brand and no one knows where the name comes from. Today they are a holding company for many other hotel brands, including down market Days Inn, Super 8, etc. and are also the largest vacation ownership company in the world.

Wyndham was spun off from Cendant in 2006 and so I pose one last question:  Why is Wyndham so much better a name than Cendant? If you can answer this you know why humans do naming, and not computers!


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